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Building Aggregates

Our well stocked aggregate bays allow the trade and D.I.Y. customers a drive in and load up facility in the heart of Dundee. Sands, Gravel and Hardcore ( Crushed stone) are available as loose products loaded by mechanical shovel. Alternatively we can provide the products in Bulk Bags or handy poly bags. Small (max 1500kg) tipped delivery service is available by order, often at short notice. Cost £20 local to Dundee. Outside Dundee call for quote.

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is a course sand used in many applications during building and gardening processes, sometimes call CONCRETE sand or COURSE sand. Common uses include foundation under PAVING SLABS, a constituent of a CONCRETE MIX and mixing with TOPSOIL to provide better drainage. 

Building Sand

Building sand is finer than concrete sand and is used almost exclusively for making mortar for brickwork/blockwork and mortar bed screeds.

20mm to Dust crushed stone

 Type 1 is an industry standard crushed stone typically 20-40mm.

20mm Gravel

River Gravel mixed with sand is extracted from ancient inland river beds from around the Tayside region, the product goes through varying grading processes where the sands and "stones" are seperated and graded into 10, 20 and 40mm products. The gravel may be described as a mixture of different shaped and coloured stone with a overall colour of brown to grey.