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Apart from the British Standard grey paving, we deal exclusively in Natural Sandstones, Limestone, Granite and Slate, imported from India and China. The advantages of Natural Paving over concrete is well documented, suffice to say that the product is already over a million years old!! and it arrives in its natural state. It will weather and darken with exposure but can be brought back to its former glory with modern day cleaners and washing. Alternatively, we can advise on protective seals which can enhance colour and protect from staining. Our display area will offer you an opportunity to see the product in real life, although we should at this stage inform you that each piece of stone is individual in terms of colour shade and often surface texture. This is no way demeans the product, rather the opposite.


Long gone are the days when you could find a huge selection of paving lying in a local merchant's yard, these days its just in time stocking. That way we can supply you in a reasonable time scale at a reasonable price. We keep a small amount of stock for small projects but you should wait no  more than 7 days for your goods to arrive in our yard for despatch.


So the motto is "plan in advance" for BEST PRICING, BEST SERVICE AND BEST CHOICE. 




Sandstone Paving

Indian Sanstone Paving comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Imported from India, every care is taken to ensure the product is ethically sourced. Basic colours are Grey, Buff and Brown, all come in a variety of shades given a pleasant variation of colour across the installed surface. The paving includes complimentry circles , walling and coping. We can supply what your requiremets are, no minimum orders. We always advise that you visit us to look at stone samples and not rely on photos, and please remember each piece of stone is different in terms of colour and sometimes texture.!


Limestone. A sedimentary stone and a little harder than sandstone. The surface is generally flat, often described as a similar surface to hand made paper, with a very slight wave across the surface.