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Date: Sept 2017 Update

We continue to welcome all enquiries, especially medium to large projects which can take up to three months to plan. For the smaller projects we currently experiencing a waiting time of up to 2 weeks.

Sloping garden re-furb

Date: Sept 2017 current project

Another sloping garden situation. The client requires a solution to aleviate major grass cutting on the slope and more level entertainment area's.

New bespoke back garden

Date: August 2017

Our Dundee client had added a new conservatory and asked us to transform their adjacent back garden to compliment the conservatory. Following a 4 week planning stage works commenced in late July and will complete by the end of August.

Back Garden Refurb

Date: Aug/Sept 2017

Our Dundee client wished she had more space to enjoy entertaining friends and family. We proposed taken away have the lawn to achieve this, with supporting retaining walls.

Front Garden to low Maintenance

Date: Oct 2016

Our Dundee client was so relieved to have her front garden altered to a Low Maintenence set up. A simple look, but getting rid of the grass and bushes was such a relief to me.....a quote from our client

New Bespoke Design back garden

Date: Sept/Oct 2016

A new bespoke design for our client in Birhill. Slighly sloping, the designer used raised planters and steps to eliminate the slope. The main components being a large patio in Indian Sanstone, raised planters with decorative walling and artifial turf. A pergola was added to a favourite corner and a paving ramp for ease of wheelbarrow use to the keen gardeners.

Full around home Landscaping

Date: June 2016

Our Dundee client

Updating steps and terracing

Date: May 2016

Our client asked us to transform their weather beaten deck and paving. Take away the old mono block and replace with Indian Sandstone, rebuild the steps and add a nice touch with the Sandstone Cobbles.

New Build makeover

Date: March 2016

Our customer called us in to give suggestions on what we could do with the garden following the builders leaving? A typical situation where there is no input by building companies with regards to the needs of their customers following the construction of the house. Usually turf is thrown down on badly prepared ground, sometimes in the shade of the house with no chance of survival.

Transformation of Dog Run to swim spa and Hot Tub

Date: Jan/Apr 2016

Our clients had ordered a 7 metre swim spa and wished to transform the terrace currently used as a dog run into a covered entrertainment area with sunk in swim spa and hot tub and if possible before xmas!!!

Terrace Front Garden

Date: Jan/Feb 2016

Our Dundee clients asked for small changes to the front garden which would reduce the maintenance load and make the approach to the entrance a bit more interesting.

Front Garden Makeover

Date: Oct/Nov 2015

Our client asked us to modernise the drive and front garden. A mostly aesthetic approach was adopted with charcoal modern multi sized block paving and a complimentory Black Limestone paving.

Full garden surround landscape project

Date: Sept/Oct/Nov 2015

Our largest project of the year.

New retaining wall and terrace extension

Date: September 2015

Our Dundee Client asked us to redesign the back garden to allow more terrace space to the lower garden. The current retaining wall was beginning to collapse and it was time to upgrade the area.

Design and Build Garden

Date: August/Sept 2015

Our Dundee clients asked us to provide a low maintenance back garden to include colour, security, privacy, good focal points and  a general mix of materials and textures.

Severe sloping Back Garden

Date: 1st stage August/Sept 2015 - 2nd stage Apr 2016

" I want to walk out into my back garden and imagine I am not in Dundee" An opening statement from our client when asked for her wish list during our initial survey to transform to transfer the severe sloping site into an open usuable space.

Contemporary garden in Monifieth

Date: July/August 2015

 This back garden posed a few problems. Mainly with the level difference between the house (conservatory) and the garden which also sloped away from the house. Robert the garden designer decided to "lift" the bottom end of the garden to provide a level lawn as one level and a new paved terrace as the main entertainment area.

Bespoke Design to a sloping back garden

Date: July/August 2015

It's time for a change!

Bespoke garden for a Bespoke Building

Date: May/June 2015

Our clients commissioned us to design a garden in keeping with their unique house design. A modern interior to a period style farm building. Our in house designer Robert offered a design and  build package using  black/grey and white materials of granite and concret which blended completely with the house design.

Bespoke Courtyard Design West End

Date: May 2015

Our Dundee client asked us to transform their small impersonal front garden into a welcoming space to entertain. The brief was "a total contemporary look". Clean lines and bright features were fundamental.

A garden at upper floor level ?

Date: May/June 2015

First floor garden.! Overgrown, shaded, sloping and unusable. A good challenge to our designer and our installation team.

Surround house landscaping Project

Date: March/April 2015

Our Dundee client tasked us designing a solution to their overgrown and forgotten garden. There was a considerable slope to the rear of the garden and the plot had a triangular shape. The designer Robert Furmanek used curved surfaces to create a "flow" from front to rear with the use of standard materials.

Front Garden and Driveway Re-Vamp

Date: Feb/March 2015 completed 3 days ahead of schedule


Garden re- design.

Date: February/June 2015

Our Dundee client tasked us with re-designing their large featureless back garden. A conservatory is being added in the summer but our clients wished use of the garden before the conservatory was installed. Being a flexible company we suggested a 2 stage project. With plenty of garden space we suggested leaving the patio work outside the house and conservatory until later in the summer. This was acccepted by the client and works commenced in early February. Large sleepers have been used for retaining and doubling up as raised planters. The slope was reduced and a new lawn laid, feature steps will welcome the user from the conservatory, leading up through the garden.

Raised feature deck with glass screen steps and patio

Date: February 2015

Our client asked us for a solution to their tired patio set up.Decking was suggested to overcome the substantial height difference between internal floor level and external ground. The client was keen to avoid the feature looking like " a box" and suggested a brick surround to match the house. Although an expensive option this direction was persued. Finding a brick to match the 30 year old house proved difficult, again our client took a pro active approach and together we found the bricks down in Edinburgh.We offered a choice of balustrade and the client opted for a clear glass look. The result is an outstanding feature, adding a luxury item and an extension to the room beyond the patio doors.

Front and back garden makeover

Date: Dec/January 2015

Back garden upgrade...

Date: Nov/December 2014

Back Garden Curved Patio with row of natural stone setts, new decking platform and path. All ready for new season 2015.

Surround house landscaping project

Date: Sept/Oct 2014

Our Dundee clients had recently moved into a new home and wished to upgrade the front side and back aspects to reflect their investment in the property. The clients knew what layout they desired but preferred to offer the multiple tasked project to a company with the resources to manage all aspects of the project and ensure quality of installation.  

Major Retaining Wall replacement

Date: August/September 2014

Our Dundee clients asked us to come up with new ideas for their back garden. It was soon clear that a large retaining wall would be the priority before any other consideration. The wall was in excess of 2700mm and supported the interior garden up to 2 metres and already leaning at a hazardous angle.

Bespoke back garden design

Date: Sept/October 2014

Our Dundee client works offshore on a month on month of cycle. We were tasked to provide a contemporary look to the back garden with clean classic lines to compliment the clients interior design.

Surround house landscaping project

Date: July 2014

Becoming ever popular. Our clients wished to have all aspects of the property upgraded at the same time. 

Remodel of back garden

Date: July 2014

Our Dundee client asked us provide a pleasant seating an decked area to replace the ageing concrete hardstanding. Natural Sandstone replaced the concrete and a new deck along with some level adjustment produced a nice new pleasing aspect for our client.

Spectacular bespoke back garden design and Install

Date: June 2014

Our client presented us with a blank canvas. A sloping expanse of turf. Our designer got to work and provided the client with several bespoke options.

Replace walling/Steps/Paving

Date: May 2014

Our Forfar clients wished to upgrade their back garden with new walling, steps and new paving to replace the ageing structures. We proposed rebuilding the steps to access the consrervatory, the old retaining walls were in good shape but eroded and are to be faced with new sandstone walling and a wide cope to double as seating. The extensive paved area will be replaced in Sandstone, levels raised to alieviate a step and remove the need for progress

Front driveway and rear garden re-build

Date: May 2014

Our Dundee clients required a complete make over of the front drive and back garden of their terraced home.

Rear Garden Re-build

Date: April 2014

Our Dundee client asked us for ideas to bring a bit of life back to their small back garden, "..something for the grandchildren ". The current paving and lawn required changing and the old deck balustrades was restricting viewing.

Front Garden Driveway and rear Garden Overhaul

Date: March 2014

Our Dundee clients asked us to modernaise the gardens and driveway of their recently occupied home. The diveway was a mixture of concrete slopes and levels, with degenerative broken concrete paths surrounding the house.Our proposals include opening up the entrance, removing all the old concrete area's and applying Sandstone paving to form new paths, steps and door entrance plinths. The new driveway will be formed with differing size block paving from the Trident range. 

Our new display Garden

Date: March 2014

We are currently constructing our new Dispaly Garden. This will allow our customers to see a large range of Sandstones and Limestones, Cobbles and Setts, Fencing, Artificial Grass, Seating and Planting arrangements all set within an easily acccessible display area with on site parking and knowledgable staff on hand for enquiries.....and bring the kids to see the chicken run!!

Bridging the Gap!!!!

Date: March 2014

Our Dundee clients had an area of ground which was 3 metres above their main garden and unsued due to it's sloping nature and access from street side. The unused upper garden could be an asset to the home if taking advantage of the elevated position within a densely populated modern estate of 3 storey town houses. We suggested joining both levels with an external spiral staircase to compliment the clients desire for a contemporary look in keeping with the modern building and it's archtectural feature's. The lower garden was modernised with black limestone paving replacing the old buff concrete slabs and the new lawn was edged with limestone cobbles, a deck and planter completed the lower garden. The upper garden slope was excavated, retained and a suitable level surface created to allow for a reasonably sized deck. Timber planters and an access path were added and of course the Meditterean style spiral staircase.

Create new garden entrance

Date: Feb 2014

Our Dundee client had a peice of land to the side access of the house, the back door exited onto the land which was rarely used. Furthermore, there was a boundary fence preventing any access to the driveway only 6 metres away. Our reccomendation was to open up the fence with gated access and path to the driveway and re-pave the side aspect. The client now has use of the land and ease of access from the rear entrance to the driveway.

Custom Designed Courtyard

Date: Dec 2013

Our Dundee client's Victorian Villa required a new look to the front aspect,the site was elevated and north facing,with little sunshine during the year and little obvious approach to the front and side access doors.

Clearance and re-instatement of overgrown plot

Date: Dec 2013

Our Dundee client introduced us to an elevated section of their garden which had gone un- maintained for many years. The remit was simple, clear it all away and return the plot to use. Access proved to be the overriding issue here, with many steps and paths to negotiate to get to the elevated site. A labour intensive operation, with 28 loads of green waste to remove from site and dispose to waste site, with no access for mechanical equipment it was literally removal by hand to small van and away.

Bespoke design to rear garden and Driveway upgrading

Date: Nov 2013

Our Dundee clients recently moved into this victorian villa and invited us to come up with proposals to re-design their back garden. The current situation is a mixture of raised patio, beds, decking with sloping lawns and "bolt on" features added in previous years. The brief was for a fresh contemporary look but keeping in mind the period property.

Replace old concrete paths and steps surrounding house

Date: Oct 2013

Our Dundee client was tired of the crumbling pre cast concrete paths and steps. We demolished the entire construction and replaced with Natural Sandstone. The many different levels were replaced with smooth lines and stepped only where necessary.

Large project to provide bespoke design solution to open space

Date: Sept/Oct 2013

Our Dundee clients had recently removed boundary hedging which screen the side and rear garden.  They required a "new look" which took into consideration their desire to rebuild planting beds and borders, install new paths and steps and perhaps a feature area. We produced a design which ticked all the right boxes.

Upgrading and enlarging terrace plus a tidy up to rear garden

Date: Sept 2013

Our Dundee client asked us to remove a portion of the raised lawn to create more patio space. The current concrete surface had been down for many years and a new natural stone surface was requested. We suggested a natural brown to black sandstone which we feel complimented to period of the house. The old vegetable plots were replaced with new turfs and the borders tidied. 

Sloping back garden reconstruction

Date: August 2013

Our Dundee clients had a good idea of what they wanted to do to their garden to reduce the maintenance load of the elevated and sloping aspects of their garden. The main objective being to alter the gradients to allow easier movement throughout the planting areas.

Summer 2013 newsletter

Date: August 2013

The year has become very busy with high demand for small and medium sized projects. We like to think  ( our customers may tell us different!) that we can respond quickly to a request for a small project, eg perhaps one man for a week, we can fulfill those requests with a flexible workforce including the pre planning tasks of project scope and planning, the old addage of "if you can start tomorrow etc"   does not necessarily fit our profile.

Revamp of back garden to very low maintenance

Date: June 2013

Our Dundee clients were tired of their old style back garden and requested a face lift, to include new fencing, new paving (without any steps) and a bit of grass !

Patio,seating area on sloping site

Date: June 2013

Our Dundee client wanted to upgrade their patio and asked us to offer ideas to extend the patio area beyond the start of the slope. We suggested a small retaining wall to allow a larger platform and build a seating area as a feature to the corner. Blue/Black Limestone was selected for the surface.

Terracing and Steps

Date: May/June 2013

Major works to provide feature entrance steps, feature patio door steps and substantial retaining walls and associated steps and paving.

Winding and sloping stairway with matching terrace

Date: April/May 2013

Our Dundee client wanted to upgrade the current gravelled access paths to a more stable surface. The height difference from door to pavement was 1400mm over a distance of 8 metres. The client did not want too many steps ( 8 would be required) so a solution was required to create a path with steps taking the curve into consideration. A real size display was constructed for the client to "test" before commiting to the project.

Steps and Terracing

Date: April 2013


Brechin Garden Project

Date: February 2013

Our Brechin clients asked us to come up with a design for the garden space to the front of the house. They had a good idea of what they wanted but required assistance to bring it all together and in a layout to balance modern living and low maintenance with traditional country lifestyles such as veggie growing plots. The original entrance gate needed to was resited to be nearer the front door. The front garden revamp will provide, a hardstanding surface in Natural Sandstone to house front allowing amenity and entertaining space, Bespoke raised planters combine low maintenance and ease of access, for herbs and flower displays. The new lawn will comprise a 25mm multi spun yarn artificial turf system split by a central path which leads to the raised planters at the bottom of the garden. a small picket style fence will surround the lawn providing a temporary barrier between the young canine companion and newly planted vegetables. 

Hardstanding,Paths and Steps

Date: Aug/Sept 2012

Our Dundee clients asked us to provide an aesthetic and functional solution to the current gravel paths and concrete hardstanding of their Victorian Villa. The new curved and sloping paths, joining upper and lower levels would require careful and accurate building skills to ensure a balanced appearance to either side of the central and circular lawn. The concrete hard standing surrounding the house was removed and replaced with Natural Indan Sandstone including  a feature inset "Nautical Star" reflecting the clients Naval vocation. The entrance at street level was extended to give a more open feel when entering the property.

Back Garden Re-Vamp

Date: May 2012

Our Monifieth Clients were loking to transform their large back garden. A large expanse of grass dominated the site and needed constant maintenance. Our brief was to split the garden into  two area' s. The back for washing line etc with a screen to the " washing line" from the house.The budget was limited but could it stretch to a patio and nice sitting area in front of the screen?

Front Garden and Driveway

Date: May 2012

Date: May 2012

Front and Rear Gardens, Driveway and Boundary Wall

Date: Nov/Dec 2012 (xmas and bad weather break) Jan finish.

Our Dundee Clients asked us to reduce the maintenance load on their rear garden, provide cleaner modern surfaces to the driveway and front garden paths and provide a pleasing boundary partition wall. Little design was required here as the client knew what they wanted, we merely made a few additional suggestions and put both the clients ideas and our own into our landscaping software, allowing the client the opportunity to view the proposed project before committing to engaging us.

Rebuild of Front Garden including Walls, Steps and Driveway

Date: Oct - Nov 2012

Our Dundee client wished to upgrade the entire frontal and side aspects of the property. The lawn when complete will be raised around 400mm with the new retaining wall providing support. Denfind natural wall stone will be used to face the inner concrete leaf with bespoke peak coping. Modern manufactured paving set within manufactured cobbles will be used to provide driveway and paths

Complete landscaping to Front and rear garden

Date: July/Aug 2012

Our client from Liff tasked us with re-designing the rear and front garden of their modern detached villa. The rear garden had a severe slope which was preventing normal leisure and entertaining functions which a garden should provide. The front aspect was looking tired and required an uplift.