Replacing 200 square metres of old mono block and concrete hardstanding with Natural Sandstone Paving.

Date: October 2011

Our client bumped into us at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival in September 2011. She had a problem with flooding and the general upkeep of the old mono block and concrete paving slabs which surrounded the house. There was no previous means of draining the driveway and water accumulated during wet weather leaving staining and the conditions likely for the accumulation of detritus. We uplifted the entire hard standing surrounding the house, installed a simple but hidden drainage channel and laid over 200 square metres of Sandstone of mixed colouring with edging of granite setts to act as a mowing edge.

 Front aspect before                                and Progress

front_before_400 completed_section_of_front_400

Rear steps and paving before       and progress

back_before_400 rear_hardstanding_progress_400