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Custom Design & Construction Service


We offer a variety of landscaping services from the simple installation of a patio to our own Design & Construction packages.  Whatever your budget is, we will have a service to suit you. 

Design and Construct Package

When necessary we can call upon local garden designers to offer that little extra flair to your project. Garden Designers do however come with a fee and you should set aside a proportion of your budget for this service, please call in the first instance if this is a service you desire.

  There are many factors the designer has to consider in designing your garden:

  • carefully listening to your needs (wish list)
  • fully understanding your property and site location
  • the size and scope of your project. Phased or Completed to finish?
  • material selection which will determine the style of your future garden
  • garden detail which includes features, colour and lighting.
  • special needs where necessary
  • budget consultation

You can have as much or as little input as you wish whilst the designer develops the project through it's various stages.  We expect to turn around designs within 6 weeks from the initial visit. The service progresses to the construction stage which is overseen and managed by the designer to ensure quality control of labour, materials, project detail and continuity through to completion and sign off.  

Costs. Unfortunately we cannot offer any costs until the designer has the project in an advanced design state. Each custom design is individual and unique to the customer, historically we find that custom design and construct projects within our operating area fall between £10,000-£50,000 with no upper limit, a rule of thumb from BALI (British Association of Landscaping Industries) identifies a figure between 10-15% of the value of your home as a budget for complete landscaping of your plot. Design fees vary with plot size and we will be able to fix a fee following initial visit, survey and discussion.

 Visits beyond a 30 mile radius will attract a travel expense element fee. 

What you can expect from us if you engage a commission:

  • up front estimated project costs as soon as practical 
  • a fixed design fee and a fixed design completion date (following initial visit)
  • weekly on site meetings to discuss progress
  • mood boards and conceptual plans
  • emailed images as the design progresses - (also allows absent customers (abroad/offshore) to interact)
  • key dates to allow you to monitor progress
  • project management with daily visits to monitor quality and adherence to design
  • out of hours personal phone contact

Customer Assisted Design & Build Package

This service is for the customer who has a fair idea of what they want but would benefit from our knowledge of materials, planting, features and layout.

So you  have a few ideas but need a little nudge in the right direction! We can help you plan your garden make over. But we need a little help! Our design team need to know what you can afford. This will set limits on the scope and features available within your budget.

It is often helpful to see how your project will look like following the works. 

To achieve this we have an excellent landscaping software programme that boasts exceptional graphics.   Just like choosing a new kitchen, you can see your garden project develop.  We start with the basics, a full scale replica of your house and plot is entered into the software, add the features you wish to retain, add a new lawn perhaps (natural or artificial) add a patio, planted borders, steps, fencing, walls etc. Then dependant upon your budget you can add many other features or extend certain aspects such as a larger patio or another seating area, pergola, outdoor kitchen, water feature, trees, lighting, the list is endless but obviously tied to your budget. Best of all though all this done before a spade touches the ground!

Costs? a fixed design fee equivalent to the anticipated input of the designer will be advised following the initial visit (minimum £150 maximum £395 ). Construction costs will not be realised until  you and the designer have agreed on the size and diversity of hard and soft landscaping. Historically and within our operating area costs for these types of projects fall into £8,000-£25,000 with the designer working to the customers advised budget.

The benefits of this package include:

  • fixed price quotation
  • full access to the designer
  • ability to change the garden layout at anytime 
  • 3D images, a real life walkthrough of the garden and even a movie of the proposal
  • continuous build programme until completion overseen by a project manager

The Process?

Visit our enquiries page and leave your details, or pick the phone. We accept phone enquiries out of office hours (within reason ) 01382 814814

Following your enquiry we promise to :

  • respond to your enquiry within 24 hours
  • organise a site visit within 5 working days
  •  invite you to a project presentation within 3 working weeks
  • offer a build start date within 4 working weeks of acceptance

Minor works (under £3,000)

This service is for our customers looking to upgrade existing features such as replacement/new patios, paths, fencing, walls and steps. Whatever your budget is we are confident that we will able to offer a package to suit.

Typical projects that fall into our minor works programme normally last no longer than one week and include;

Garden Makeovers

  • Providing a safe and secure garden space for a family with young children.
  • Alterations to mature gardens to allow continued use by disabled people.
  • Outside room/amenity space within an existing garden.
  • Alterations to current garden layout to reduce maintenance.

Garden Works in isolation 

  • Terracing to sloping sites
  • Simple patios
  • Lift and replace existing paths and patios
  • Creation of driveways or additional parking spaces
  • Building of steps following conservatory installation
  • Fencing replacement
  • Lawn replacement
  • Artificial grass installation
  • Gravel gardens
  • Building raised planters
  • Replacing ugly drain covers

The benefits of this service

  • Free visit and survey
  • Budget flexibility
  • Quotation within 3 working days or for really small jobs an instant quote.
  • Rapid response and installation teams available


NEW -  Phased Projects Works

Research has shown that some of our customers often delay their projects, not due to affordability but due to cash flow. One of 2 scenarios follow;

  • the project is shelved for another year or two, when costs will almost certainly rise
  • the project scope and material specifications are reduced

Either way you are denying yourself that special garden space for you and your family's enjoyment  

Now there is another option. No matter the size of the project, once designed and agreed you will have a fixed price project with your original material selection and contractor. It may take considerably longer but it will happen! You dictate the pace of the project to match the availability of funds. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Give us a call, we can  design a package that suits your cash flow and allows your project to get of the ground and progress to completion as and when you can afford it.

Contact us today to ensure you and your family can enjoy the garden this summer!

01382 814814 or visit the general enquiries page now.



References and visits to prior works can be organised on request. Please see the PROJECTS page for more information and idea's.