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Transforming Gardens and Outside Living Spaces

custom design and construction


Custom Design & Construction Service

The Garden Landscape Company offers a range of landscaping services tailored to various budgets, from simple patio installations to comprehensive Design & Construction packages.

Design and Construct Package

Our service includes collaboration with local garden designers for added creativity. Design fees are separate and should be budgeted for. The process involves understanding your needs, property, project scope, material selection, and budget. The design phase typically takes 6 weeks, followed by a construction stage managed by the designer for quality assurance.

Costs vary based on design complexity, with prices generally ranging from £10,000-£50,000. Design fees are determined post-initial visit and consultation.

Customer Assisted Design & Build Package

Ideal for customers with specific ideas, this package leverages our expertise in materials, layout, and features. Utilizing advanced landscaping software, we create detailed visual representations of your garden, allowing for adjustments based on your budget.

Design fees range from £150 to £395, with construction costs finalized post-design.

Benefits include a fixed price quote, designer access, 3D walkthroughs, and continuous project management.

Minor Works Service

For budgets under £3,000, we offer upgrades like patios, paths, and fencing. These quick projects enhance your garden's functionality and aesthetics. Services include terracing, simple patios, driveway creation, fencing, lawn replacement, and more.

This service offers free surveys, budget flexibility, and rapid response times.

Phased Project Works

This option caters to clients with cash flow concerns, allowing for project completion over an extended period without compromising on quality or materials. It's a flexible approach that matches project progression with your financial capacity.

To initiate a project, contact us via our enquiry page or phone (01382 814814). We promise a swift response, timely site visits, project presentations, and construction start dates.

For a custom-designed garden that enhances your lifestyle and meets your specific needs, reach out to The Garden Landscape Company today on (01382) 814 814.