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Covid 19 Stock Update

Date added: 17/04/2020

Dear Customers

As the lockdown extends towards summer , be assured that we are trying our best to keep basic supplies in our yard for pick up or delivery from our transit size tipper. Your project need not be put on hold.!

Stock availability;

Sharp Sand- same day pick up by trailer or next day delivery.

Type 1 hardcore- as sharp sand

Top Soil-as sharp sand

Sandstone paving-2 to 3 days after order placed. ( unloaded in crates at roadside, you will be responsible to remove to your premises. Alternatively your contractor can pick up at our yard.

Landscape Membrane. Same day

Timber 2-3 days after order

Please note that price rises are inevitable during these times and we are experiencing 10-15% uplift on our normal costs.