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Autumn 2021

Date added: 16/11/2021

Here we are in November, many new installations completed with many happy customers.  Material supplies have been a challenge due to Covid shutdowns within the industry, creating huge demand for building materials. Unfortunately this has driven costs higher than the normal annual rate, with imported goods bearing the brunt, for example a 80% uplift on Indian Sandstone and up to 70% on timber. We hope to see a stabilisation and maybe a reversal of those increases in the coming year, but !! 

Our forecast for next year is continued demand for the landscaping industry due to the backlog of this year where many of our fellow companies have been run of their feet trying to meet the demand. We recommend an early enquiry if you are seeking landscaping works by next summer. 

To all our new customers. Thank you.

To our future customers. We are looking forward to your call.


kind regards