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Building Aggregates

Our well stocked aggregate bays allow the trade and D.I.Y. customers a drive in and load up facility in the heart of Dundee. Sands, Gravel and Hardcore ( Crushed stone) are available as loose products loaded by mechanical shovel. Alternatively we can provide the products in Bulk Bags or handy poly bags. Small (max 1500kg) tipped delivery service is available by order, often at short notice. Cost £20 local to Dundee. Outside Dundee call for quote.

Decorative Aggregates

We keep a stock of common decorative aggregates sourced from Scottish quarries. Sometimes referred to as chips or chippings,including Balmullo, Silver Granite, Speystone, Keith Blue.  Marble and other less common aggregates like plum,blue and green slate, golden gravels, pebbles and cobbles can be available within 5-7 working days, again those products can be loaded with mechanical bucket and are available as bulk bags or poly bags to take away or have delivered .


Apart from the British Standard grey paving, we deal exclusively in Natural Sandstones, Limestone, Granite and Slate, imported from India and China. The advantages of Natural Paving over concrete is well documented, suffice to say that the product is already over a million years old!! and it arrives in its natural state. It will weather and darken with exposure but can be brought back to its former glory with modern day cleaners and washing. Alternatively, we can advise on protective seals which can enhance colour and protect from staining. Our display area will offer you an opportunity to see the product in real life, although we should at this stage inform you that each piece of stone is individual in terms of colour shade and often surface texture. This is no way demeans the product, rather the opposite.

Weed Control

Weed Control. The bain of our lives! Our Landscape Membrane is woven from polypropylene to provide a matting material for use in the landscaping industry. Free draining and strong enough to withstand heavy loading in roads building, the membrane comes in varying widths from 1 metre to 4 metre, you simply buy what length you need. Misconception.....the membrane WILL NOT eliminate weeds completely, neither will it prevent bulbs from emerging next year!! It is a preventative material which when combined with a covering of gravel or bark assists in weed control, the membrane separates the gravel from the earth preventing losses into the ground, and limits natural light to plant life.

Reclaimed and Recycled

on occasions we will have a selection of recycled or reclaimed landscaping materials including standing stones, reclaimed stone paving 

White De Icing Salt

We stock White De-icing salt in handy poly bags at a cost of £4.95. The cost reduces when buying 5 or more.