What can we do with this severely overgrown and steeply sloping aspect of our garden.

Date: September 2010

Our Dundee client's tasked us with finding a solution to an aspect of their garden which had a severe slope. The continual maintenance was becoming a time consuming and strenuous task and our brief was to allow our customers use of the garden along with a vast reduction in any future maintenance load and creating dividers to prevent pedestrian and animal access, as the garden was being used as a short cut between to streets.

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The steep site required clearing of long established shrubbery, and rotovation. A raised deck was installed at the upper level to allow access from the frontal aspect of the house. The garage situated on a level further down the hill would be connected via a sweeping stairway through the site constructed from timber sleepers. Landscape membrane was then pegged over the entire site and openings formed to plant ground cover junipers.


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