Rear courtyard and access stairs

Date: September 2009

Oue Dundee client tasked us with making their rear garden more accessible and safe from the back door. The existing steps were steep and unsafe. We suggested introducing a platform outside the back door, and raising the ground level to alleviate one step, the old random stone within the patio was recycled to provide the raising of the ground. The direction of the steps were altered allowing a safer entry and exit from the back door.Natural Sandstone Paving from Stonmarkets's Trustone Range was used on all paved area's. The step structure was faced to match the existing building render.



before_6_400_02 before_8_400


pers_1_400_04 pers_2_400_03



after_3_400_14 after_1_400_16

after_4_400_09 after_8_400_02