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Autumn brown with Raj cobblesBuff - MultiA blend of Brown Buff and Grey in situRipon. A blend of coloursGrey. sometimes referred to as Grey Multi.Grey Multi in situ

Sandstone Paving

Indian Sanstone Paving comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Imported from India, every care is taken to ensure the product is ethically sourced. Basic colours are Grey, Buff and Brown, all come in a variety of shades given a pleasant variation of colour across the installed surface. The paving includes complimentry circles , walling and coping. We can supply what your requiremets are, no minimum orders. We always advise that you visit us to look at stone samples and not rely on photos, and please remember each piece of stone is different in terms of colour and sometimes texture.!


The product is available in crates of mixed sizes. Varied depth or Calibrated

Contents 17 to 18 square metres per pack 20-30mm thickness for varied . Also available in crates of 18 square metres calibrated to 22mm thickness.

Dimensions where stated are approximate.

Price. Grey. Buff. Brown. From £19.95 per square metre (+ VAT)  varied depth. £22.10 (+ vat ) calibrated)

Other sandstone products are available but are generally modified from the core colours above. Price on request.