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Overgrown and non maintainable?Restored to family gardenAll ...for under £60 per sq metreWhat can we do with this one?I know..steps,BBQ,Border and laawnHere............this is what we mean.so lets get it all cleared up and rebuilt.........nice barbeque......nice stepsnew paving and border definitionall finished...enjoyNice corner for evening sun!A small deck and the fence screened...This is what we mean ......

Summer 2013 newsletter

August 2013

The year has become very busy with high demand for small and medium sized projects. We like to think  ( our customers may tell us different!) that we can respond quickly to a request for a small project, eg perhaps one man for a week, we can fulfill those requests with a flexible workforce including the pre planning tasks of project scope and planning, the old addage of "if you can start tomorrow etc"   does not necessarily fit our profile.

You may be considering a garden project now? Which is why your browsing our site. The likeliehood is,if your project is medium to large our company will be unable to fit you in this year. We will not increase our workforce to fit demand without being 100% sure that any new operator is fully equipped with the necessary skills to carry out the diverse range of tasks required during hard landscaping works and understands our business ethics.

Do not let that put you off! Larger projects require a degree of planning, ensuring you the customer and our company both achieve our objectives, which is delivering your project on time to an agreed budget. Weather permitting, we continue to work throughout the year and there is no better time to start considering your project for a start in the new year ready for the new spring.


In the meantime we offer a selcetion of small to medium projects completed this summer.



Project Manager to The Garden Landscape Company (Contractors) Ltd