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cobble path detailfront ready for new planting schemeFront Courtyard before worksApproach to door before worksSide aspect with concrete drain coversFront proposal (house hidden)Front proposal 2Side leading to rear garden proposalfront cleared ready for new surfacesprogress of pavingNew platform at front doorForming new cobbled path to studioProject designer Robert getting involvedside aspect completenew tidy drain cover

Custom Designed Courtyard

Dec 2013

Our Dundee client's Victorian Villa required a new look to the front aspect,the site was elevated and north facing,with little sunshine during the year and little obvious approach to the front and side access doors.

The courtyard was designed by our in house Garden Designer Robert Furmanek. Robert takes full ownership of his designs, ensuring that our experienced installers follow the design, all to the customers satisfaction

Robert's remit was to provide a distinctive approach to the entrance door with clear pathways and seperation of landscaping elements, replace the old stone paving and "ugly" drain covers and generally brighten up the front aspect of the home. 

Paths were formed from Sandstone Setts with Sandstone paving forming the new hardstanding.  Old concrete and cast iron drain covers were replaced with recessed inset covers which completely disguises the old drain structures, providing a more pleasing look to paved surfaces. Costs were controlled with the careful distribution of planting beds and decorative stone chippings.

The works were completed in 14 working days to the customers budget.