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Bridging the Gap!!!!

March 2014

Our Dundee clients had an area of ground which was 3 metres above their main garden and unsued due to it's sloping nature and access from street side. The unused upper garden could be an asset to the home if taking advantage of the elevated position within a densely populated modern estate of 3 storey town houses. We suggested joining both levels with an external spiral staircase to compliment the clients desire for a contemporary look in keeping with the modern building and it's archtectural feature's. The lower garden was modernised with black limestone paving replacing the old buff concrete slabs and the new lawn was edged with limestone cobbles, a deck and planter completed the lower garden. The upper garden slope was excavated, retained and a suitable level surface created to allow for a reasonably sized deck. Timber planters and an access path were added and of course the Meditterean style spiral staircase.

Client testimonial

"Dear James and Robert,

We were really positively surprised by the end result of the re-design ! The spiral staircase in particular exceeded our expectations, looks elegant and modern..........we were impressed by the finishing of the upper deck.

Overall , we would like to thank you James for spending the time listening too our ideas at the begining and converting this into an acheivable and affordable design. Additionally, we appreciate your flexibility in adding some design elements half-way through. Furthermore, we would like to thank your team for their efforts and good work, especially Jurek who is a really hard-working guy."


Dvid and Riina Karl