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very important........leave things as you found them!!Eileen !! the wallview from inside gardenand again showing the degree of slopethe view from the fieldmeet jock ...he.s glad to see wall rebuiltwall angleshowing slope of fieldFirst level destructionwall fully demolishedFoundation excavatedfield in a bit of a messready for concrete pourlet the wall rise from the deepabove groundalmost finishedinternal detailBackfill. drainage materialpreparations prior to final backfilltemporary gravel surface and new fencingremember state of field

Major Retaining Wall replacement

August/September 2014

Our Dundee clients asked us to come up with new ideas for their back garden. It was soon clear that a large retaining wall would be the priority before any other consideration. The wall was in excess of 2700mm and supported the interior garden up to 2 metres and already leaning at a hazardous angle.

We were fortunate to have the space in the field to operate, as downtakings and excavations were around 70 tonnes. The replacement wall itself required 40 tonnes of building block and was finished to a height of 2 metres.

The project required periods of curing for structural strength but was carried out over 6 weeks. Internally the garden ground level was adjusted and finished to gravel in prepaaration for the new garden project.