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Project CompleteNew shaped lawn and drivewayNew boundary wall and gateDesign Proposal Frontage BeforeClear out the old.New wall and gate entrances ready for harlingNew hedge plantedNew wall, gates and screen hedgeHouse entrance design proposalHouse entrance beforeA new welcome entranceand a new approach path with bespoke gateSide aspect beforeProposal for side aspectProgress of paths and bordersSide aspect with rear door entry. Beforeprogress rear door entranceprogressnew paths and bordersSun room back patio beforeProposals for Sun room and back patioSteps and patio in place

Surround house landscaping project

Sept/Oct 2014

Our Dundee clients had recently moved into a new home and wished to upgrade the front side and back aspects to reflect their investment in the property. The clients knew what layout they desired but preferred to offer the multiple tasked project to a company with the resources to manage all aspects of the project and ensure quality of installation.  

Our clients were particulary pleased by our presentation package, a computer based software programme allowing an accurate depiction of the finished project without a spade touching the ground.

The entire front Garden and Driveway was cleared prior to the installation of walling, hedging, new lawn, new driveway, bespoke gates, and Sandstone paved paths and steps to all doors. The paving extended down the side of the house with new steps construced to the side entrance before following the building to the rear and sunromm patio.