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The finished front aspectnote the stylish see thru roadside fence before at the frontFront before aspectand another beforeProposal for Front Aspectwhere did all this come from?another view of frontand now the rear garden before imagesand 2and 3and 4and 5still at the rear garden before worksmoving around to the side aspectdetail to side aspectProposals for Rear and side GardenOverhead Proposal of Rear GardenPlanFeature Patioanother view of patiogarden grounds with walls reinstatedgood lines and proportional stepsside aspect restored to full width and functionalitylog store on side aspectone happy customer

Full garden surround landscape project

Sept/Oct/Nov 2015

Our largest project of the year.

Our Stirling client tasked us with designing a garden to provide functional parking and pleasing aesthetics to the front aspect with a contempory appearance to the rear including feature paved terracing encompassing quality materials and seamless glass balastrade to the patio area. The cuurent entire garden required removal and over 70 tonnes of waste products were removed. New levels established, wall and steps re-instated in sympathetic materials including recyling of natural stone and the introduction of Newmartket Limestone Paving as the main paths and patio surface. The framless glass balustrade to the rear patio adds a touch of style to the project. Calednia Pavers supplied the multi sized tumbled paviors for the front drive, laid in a random pattern provides alleviates the regimental lookk of most block paving solutions. All in all this was a demanding project in teerms of logistics, waste, new disciplines and of course weather. The end result..............you decide.